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7 Days a Week

Commercial-Free Music, broadcasting live from Rockland High in Rockland, MA. 

Noon - Lunch with the Locals!

Local Artists from the New England Area! Submit your tracks for consideration to

Lunch with the Locals!

8am - With Good Reason Radio

Award-winning program by the Virginia Center for Humanties.

With Good Reason Radio

8pm until Midnight - Sunday Night Blues featuring Catching a Wave by Jammin' James Riley and Blues Nation Radio hosted by Hall of Famer, Mark Kerr.

Sunday Night Blues programming

3pm - Rocking With Alyssa

DJ Alyssa's mix - you just might find your new favorite song!

Rocking With Alyssa

1pm - The Matty D Radio Experience

DJ Matty D plays classic rock, special shows and more!

The Matty D Radio Experience

2pm - Hayley Rocks U!

DJ Hayley brings you music history and guess-the-themes!

Hayley Rocks U

3pm - Classic Tuesdays

DJ Eric spins Classic Rock and rare B-Sides every show!

Classic Tuesdays

1pm - High Voltage Radio - LIVE!

Get your requests in with Lady Lila - from classic rock to hardcore!

High Voltage Radio - LIVE

3pm - Rocco's Rewind

DJ Rocco from Rockland and occasional special guests present when music was great!

Rocco's Rewind

7am - Sunrise Shuffle

DJs Alice and Tony with a refreshing playlist!

Sunrise Shuffle

2pm - Mike on the Mike's Oldies Show

DJ Mike on the Mike spins oldies through the 80s!

Mike on the Mike's Oldies Show

4pm - Logan on Loop

DJ Logan's introspective, super chill show!

Logan On Loop

7pm - Throwback Thursdays

Join WRPS's first DJ from 1974! History and music.

Throwback Thursdays

9pm - High Voltage

The Lovely Lady Lila and her popular show - fast and loud!

High Voltage Radio

1pm - High Voltage - Full Feature Fridays

Lady Lila brings you a full hour featuring one artist or topic!

Full Feature Fridays

3pm - Radiant Rhythms

DJ Jack, Barack and Jammin James feature rock classics! Find your inner rhythm.

Radiant Rhythms

5pm - The Drive at 5

Kick off your weekend with DJ Keith DeSutter as he mixes local artists and a little bit of everything else!

The Drive at 5

8pm - 80s at 8

9pm - 90s at 9

Deep cuts from our own collection! 

80s at 8 and 90s at 9

5pm - The Retro Show

DJ Cleo and his amazing mix from the 60s to the 90s!

The Retro Show

8pm - 80s at 8

9pm - 90s at 9

Deep cuts from our own collection! 

80s at 8 and 90s at 9
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